Mortgage Location Surveys

Byrnside Surveying performs Mortgage Location Surveys at the request of the Title Company and or Lender involved in a real estate transaction or refinance of a loan.

Years of experience performing Mortgage Location Surveys have enabled us to provide the highest quality service available to our customer. We use the most recent resources available in technology in order to provide the most accurate survey.

We have developed Tracking software for our clients that is like no other in the industry. From the moment that your place an order, we are able to provide data on each individual order. This allows us to know that your order has been completed in the field, drawn and shipped and the dates associated with each step.

With each order, problems can arise that will require the need of additional services. It could be the determination of encroachments in a more detailed fashion, staking of the lot per the customer's request, and one of the most recent problems, deed correction.

Deed Correction

With any of our services, time is of the essence. A Deed Correction Survey requires swift attention because the property is involved in ownership transfer. Many new county requirements will not allow the transfer of property until old deeds or deeds that are in error are corrected. The first step is to provide a Stake Survey of the property, set pins, and then provide a new plat and legal description. It is of great importance that each of these surveys are done with expedience so as to meet the scheduled closing and providing for a clear transfer. Many large farms or rural areas typically are the type of areas that may have problems.


Another aspect of a Mortgage Location Survey is the one that involves a commercial piece of property. Many times this will require an ALTA/ACSM type survey. Byrnside Surveying has become very experienced in providing these surveys for major lenders well as major corporations.

In addition to the requirements of a Mortgage Locations Survey, we must also perform a Stake Survey in each commercial transaction. These surveys are very detailed. Not only is each structure located on the property but details such as curbs, light poles, trees, bushes, and utilities have to be shown as well. We understand the importance of such a high-end transaction and do the very best to provide accuracy.