With each order, problems can arise that will require the need of additional services. It could be the determination of encroachments in a more detailed fashion, staking of the lot per the customer's request, and one of the most recent problems, deed correction.

Deed Correction

With any of our services, time is of the essence. A Deed correction Survey requires swift attention because the property is involved in ownership transfer. Due to changing regulations we may be required to provide a Stake Survey in order to correct a deed that is in error. This has to be done in order for the property to transfer. Quickly and efficiently, pins are set on the property, new plat and legal descriptions are prepared, meeting closing schedules, thus enabling a clear transfer.


This survey has all the elements of a residential survey but is expanded for large acreage. In many instances, farms need special surveys due to splitting the acreage into smaller pieces to be sold. The special requirements of this type of property require the attention of a survey expert trained in all aspects of property surveying.

Stake Surveys

For the past 40 years Byrnside Surveying has been performing full service Land Survey operations in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky region.
Byrnside Surveying is dedicated to providing complete surveying services for residential and commercial customers as well as for those involved in the transfer of real estate property. Whether that property be residential or commercial, we can quickly handle either without compromising quality.


Many small or large businesses require a more extensive survey for expansion or new facility construction. We can provide complete service for ALTA surveys or any commercial related request.

Additional Services

In addition to the services we have mentioned, we can also provide an array of related services such as Topography, New Construction Layout, and Flood Hazard Determination.

Our staff consists of registered surveyors who can meet the demands of almost any request by the customer. By having the most advanced technology available to us, we can handle jobs of any size or difficulty.

We proudly state that we are fully licensed in the State of Ohio and Kentucky, and insured as such.

Information regarding a price quotation or counties that we service is available by contacting us by: Phone: (513) 474-6020 Fax: (513) 474-6121 Monday through Friday 8am to 5 pm.







Another aspect of a Mortgage Location Survey is the one that involves a commercial piece of property. Many times this will require an ALTA/ACSM type survey. Byrnside Surveying has become very experienced in providing these surveys for major lenders well as major corporations.

In addition to the requirements of a Mortgage Locations Survey, we must also perform a Stake Survey in each commercial transaction. These surveys are very detailed. Not only is each structure located on the property but details such as curbs, light poles, trees, bushes, and utilities have to be shown as well. We understand the importance of such a high-end transaction and do the very best to provide accuracy.


Residential surveys are one of the many services provided by our teams of highly trained property survey professionals. An expanded version of the Mortgage Location Survey, this "Stake Survey" provides the customer with complete knowledge of their property boundary by setting 30-inch steel pins in the property corners and elsewhere.

Professional Land Surveyors

State of the art equipment provides the best possible tools for professional accuracy on each job.

Byrnside Surveying provides various surveys for customers that require different specifications. Listed below are the most frequent.

The survey team then provides the customer with a detailed plat showing all monumentation, set or found. This survey is a great tool for new fence construction or home improvement.

We have developed Tracking software for our clients that is like no other in the industry. From the moment that your place an order, we are able to provide data on each individual order. This allows us to know that your order has been completed in the field, drawn and shipped and the dates associated with each step.

Mortgage Location

Byrnside Surveying performs Mortgage Location Surveys at the request of the Title Company and or Lender involved in a real estate transaction or refinance of a loan.Years of experience performing Mortgage Location Surveys have enabled us to provide the highest quality service available to our customer. We use the most recent resources available in technology in order to provide the most accurate survey.

Mortgage Location